Aydan Huseynli (b. 2002)

Based in Providence and NYC. She has shown work at ICFF + WantedDesign 2022 & 2023, Jonald Dudd NYC 2024, Pretty Secrets NYC 2024, Blue Shop Gallery, London, and Gelman Gallery, Providence. 

For inquiries: aydanh2002@gmail.com

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Aydan Huseynli is an Azeri-Canadian artist and designer based in Providence, RI, (currently a BFA 2024 candidate in Furniture Design at the Rhode Island School of Design). Using the logic of familiar, domestic objects, her work finds resonance between symbolic origins and contemporary simulacra. In collapsing the ‘authentic’ and ‘inauthentic', she opens a third space for viewing the mediation of reality, memory, and heritage within the contemporary Western context.

Aydan Huseynli (she/they)